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If you haven’t yet tried making spaghetti or noodles in an instant pot, you’re missing out! These creamy (no cream used though!) one-pot garlic and parmesan noodles are to die for! Add the fact that you can make these noodles in one pot, so they soak up all the flavors from the garlic and cheese and also get the creaminess from the starchy noodles. 

Spaghetti in instant pot, or instant pot pasta recipes are perfect to feed a crowd as you can make a large batch of noodles at once without having to babysit your pot. The recipe for pasta in instant pot or pressure cooker spaghetti is great for busy weeknights as well, or whenever you want to make a delicious side dish without wasting too much time and effort into it.

How to make lip-smacking instant pot spaghetti

Yes, we know that you can cook spaghetti in a pressure cooker. Although pasta has long been a mainstay of quick and easy cooking, the Instant Pot makes whipping up a tasty spaghetti dinner a whole lot faster and easier. 

As mentioned earlier, cooking pasta in an instant pot makes it incredibly easy and you just need one pot!


For those nights when you need something fast and easy turn to this 10-20 minute Instant Pot Spaghetti.
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  • Prep Time - 10 minutes 
  • Cook Time - 20 minutes


  • Noodles – You’re free to use any type of noodles, though spaghetti is better for instant pot spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Stock – Both vegetable and chicken stock work great here, but you can also use water (less flavored though).
  • Garlic – Fresher the better!
  • Oil or Butter, salt, chili flakes, parsley, and parmesan for garnishing.

Instructions for cooking

  1. On your Instant Pot, press “Sauté normal”. 
  2. When the screen displays the “Hot” message, add oil, and melt the butter (or you can use just butter). Sauté fresh garlic with chili flakes for a minute.
  3. Switch off the sauté setting, and add the stock, salt, and spaghetti. Ensure that you layer the spaghetti in different random directions to avoid sticking to each other.
  4. Secure the lid of your instant pot and set its vent to SEALING. 
  5. Select the “Pressure Cook” or “Manual” setting and set the cooking time for 7 minutes at high pressure. The Instant Pot usually takes about 6-7 minutes to generate pressure and start cooking. 
  6. When your cooking program finishes, release the steam naturally for 7 minutes then rapidly release the rest of the steam.
  7. Remove the lid of your instant pot carefully and mix the noodles well. Separate noodles that are stuck to each other, using 2 forks.
  8. Stir in some fresh parsley
  9. Serve with some grated parmesan on top.

Tips while making instant pot spaghetti/pressure cooker pasta

  • Although water can be used instead of vegetable or chicken stock, a good stock gives more flavor.
  • Though you can use this recipe in a “just dump and start cooking” recipe, sauteing the garlic gives a better flavor.
  • Don’t bother if the liquid isn’t covering all the spaghetti/pasta initially as it will cover once the Instant Pot starts generating pressure.
  • You can make this dish vegan by using vegan butter and skipping the parmesan cheese.
  • The pasta/spaghetti water is what creates that rich luscious instant pot spaghetti sauce, so don’t throw it.
  • After pressure cooking, taste your spaghetti and adjust seasonings as per your preference.
  • Remember this – even if you double, triple, or quadruple this recipe, you will still have to keep the cooking time the same. Just make sure that the pasta can fit your Instant Pot (i.e., do not overfill!). 

FAQs on Instant Pot Spaghetti With Garlic Recipe

Can I boil noodles in my Instant Pot?

Yes, you can use your instant pot to cook noodles, however, there is no way to guarantee that it will come out perfectly. Using the low-pressure setting and the right timing will help you get as close to having perfect noodles as possible.

Are garlic noodles good for you?

Garlic noodles cannot be exactly considered a healthy dish as it mainly consists of carbs from the noodles and fats from the butter and cheese that are in the sauce. It also has very less protein content – an average restaurant-sized serving can go up to 600 calories, with 70 grams of carbs, 29 grams of fat

What is the correct method of cooking instant noodles?

Boil 2½ cups of water in a small saucepan. Add the noodles. Cook for 2 minutes. Now, add the flavor packet and stir. Continue cooking for another 30 seconds.

What are the healthiest noodle options?

The healthier choices for noodles are:

1) Squash noodles. 

2) Black bean noodles

3) Whole grain noodles

4) Quinoa noodles

5) Buckwheat noodles

Are instant noodles good for health?

Instant noodles, unfortunately, have earned a reputation for being a non-healthy snack option. But then, there are many ways you can enjoy instant noodles more healthily. Whether by adding vegetables or protein, or choosing low-fat or baked noodles, you can make instant noodles healthy and guilt-free!


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