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Raita, an addictive condiment, is crafted by mixing yogurt, sugar, and spices. Oftentimes, vegetables and other textural elements are included in this raita recipe to further balance the hearty, spice-filled flavors of many Indian dishes, offering a contrasting sweetness and saltiness.

There are variations in the raita recipe such as cucumber raita, mint raita, burani raita, pineapple raita, onion raita, etc. The basic ingredient is curd upon which various raita recipes are based. The simple yet flavorful Cucumber Raita recipe can be ready in five minutes. Prepared with cucumber and yogurt, this condiment refreshes the taste buds and is perfect for accompanying Pulao, Biryani, or any other Indian dish.


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A delightfully cool raita recipe, cucumber raita is crafted from two essential components - yogurt and cucumber. Roasted cumin powder, chaat masala, rock salt, or black salt can be used to spice it up, while fresh coriander leaves or mint leaves serve as the perfect garnish.

Enhance the delectability of your raita recipe, be it cucumber raita or onion raita, by using Alcoeats Chaat Masala, and other masala ranges. This special blend will add an aromatic and savory flavor, elevating the taste of your raita to new heights. To make your cucumber raita even more flavorful, consider incorporating red chili powder or cayenne pepper.

How To Make Cucumber Raita

Any type of cucumber can be used for a delicious cucumber raita recipe. In India, this dish is typically prepared with either green or white cucumbers, but English cucumbers are an excellent option too.


Indian cuisine is home to the savory side dish known as raita. It is made from a blend of yogurt, vegetables (either raw or cooked), or in some cases, fruit. Boondi raita is also prepared with besan, which are tiny droplets of batter that are fried.
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  • Preparation Time- 5-10 Minutes



  • After giving the cucumber a thorough rinse, proceed to peel and finely chop it. Alternatively, the grating is another option for this vegetable.
  • Utilizing a bowl, vigorously stir the curd until the consistency is even.
  • Mix the grated cucumber into the yogurt.
  • Incorporate all the powdered spices, season to taste with salt, and garnish with finely-chopped coriander.
  • Thoroughly mix the ingredients, and then present them for consumption.
  • Finishing the dish with some coriander or mint leaves can bring a vibrant flavor to the plate.

How To Serve

  • Cucumber raita can be a wonderful accompaniment to Indian cuisines, such as vegetable curry, lentils, and a piece of roti or naan.
  • To add a unique twist to your meal, consider serving it alongside a variety of stuffed parathas - be it aloo paratha, gobi paratha, broccoli paratha, or mooli paratha. Every one of these flavorful dishes pairs wonderfully with your dish.
  • Rice dishes, such as biryani, pulao, khichdi, and dal, add layers of flavor and complexity to this simple staple. For an even more delectable meal, serve the rice steamed.
  • As an accompaniment to roasted, baked, or fresh vegetables, cucumber raita is an excellent dip.

How To Store

To preserve the flavor and freshness of the raita sauce, leftovers should only be prepared in portions that can be consumed in a single day. Keeping food refrigerated for an extended period can alter the taste, so it's best to enjoy leftovers soon after they are made. It is important to not overconsume any particular ingredient in a raita recipe daily.

Summing Up On Cucumber Raita Recipe

Many variations of raita exist, including cucumber raita, mint raita, burani raita, pineapple raita, and onion raita. All of these recipes share a base of curd as the main ingredient. To create a Cucumber Raita in only five minutes, you'll need to mix cucumber and yogurt for a zesty flavor enhancer to any Indian dish like pulao or biryani.

To make this tantalizingly cool raita, the ingredients are simple: yogurt and cucumber. With a sprinkle of roasted cumin powder, chaat masala, rock salt, or black salt, it can be kicked up a notch. The addition of freshly-cut coriander or mint leaves serves as a perfect garnish. 

Increase the savoriness of your raita recipe, whether it be cucumber or onion, with Alcoeats Chaat Masala, Kashmiri red chili powder, and other seasonings. This specific blend will offer an appetizing and savory taste, elevating your raita's flavor to remarkable heights.


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