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Introduction to Shahi Paneer

Originating from the delicate dishes of Mughlai cuisine (hence the term shahi, about the prestigious title of shahanshah during Mughal India), this shahi sauce is made by mixing tomatoes, onions, cashews, and clarified butter until it becomes a curry, including paneer cubes and several different spices.

Shahi paneer is a traditional dish with origins in the Indian state of Punjab, consisting of cooked fresh cheese mixed with tomatoes and various spices. Spices, cheese, and cream make it thick - creamy, flavorful, and spiced- which makes for a hearty meal or snack. It can be served on its own or with a dish such as a curry or a lasagna. Though primarily vegetarian, this particular dish is one such example. 

Paneer butter masala and shahi paneer are very similar in terms of ingredients but differ in spices level. Paneer butter masala contains a few more spices than the shahi paneer recipe. Paneer is a satisfying food source because it includes plenty of protein, which leaves you feeling full, and an effective weapon for managing your weight; helpful for vegetarians who cannot use meat as their source of protein.

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Why Is Paneer Called Shahi?

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The word 'shahi' literally means something elegant such as Shahi Khandan, which refers to a Royal family, or Shahi Poshak, referring to Elegant clothing. The term Shahi has an integral place in the royal vocabulary - for example, associated with top-quality cuisines such as shahi biryani and shahi kababs when discussing food. In contrast, however, the dish people associate most with the word shahi is shahi paneer - because of its high-quality taste.

When the aromatic flavor of Shahi pairs with the richness of paneer, we are treated to one of India's most famous dishes-Shahi paneer masala. Authentic textures and a mildly sweet taste give this dish an exquisite flair that goes alongside anything. When a cook accidentally dropped some Paneer pieces while making malai kofta into the batter, this delicacy was discovered, creating what would later become Shahi Paneer. With its unique flavor profile and luxurious consistency, this meal quickly became favored by noblemen across India, eventually becoming one of India's most loved dishes.

Today, Shahi Paneer is the main dish at most weddings or other important occasions. There is a famous quote that, without Shahi Paneer, there can be no marriage.

Health Benefits Of Shahi Paneer

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DISCLAIMER- This blog does not provide you with any medical advice. It is strictly meant to be an informational and recipe blog only. Please consult your physician or medical expert on what works best for you.

  1. May reduce the risk of cancer  - Cancer has become a common disease these days. Among the various types of cancer, on average, one million women have breast cancer. Women in pre-menopause stages are at a greater risk of suffering from cancer. When you consume paneer - especially during the pre-menopausal period, you may reduce the chances of contracting this ailment because it contains Vitamin D and Calcium, which play a vital role in countering breast cancer. The protein content is also high, which may help combat prostate and colon cancers early when detected.
  2. Building Better Bones and Teeth - The rich levels of calcium and vitamin D make it an optimal resource for building strong bones. Not just that, calcium plays a role in the nervous system and muscles. And we're not talking about only children; everyone can benefit from eating some cheese for stronger bones (and teeth).
  3. Boosts digestive system - The digestive system is a vital part of the human body. It breaks down the food we eat to provide us with energy. A defect in this system affects how others work. Paneer contains many minerals - such as phosphorous and magnesium - which play a role in digestion.
  4. Ideal For Diabetic Patients - Paneer is rich in magnesium which may regulate the blood sugar level and insulin production - thus making it one of the only things diabetic patients can eat without fear. It also contains a low amount of carbohydrates, so those on specific diets can feel good about eating this. Paneer also has the potential to prevent drastic fluctuations in blood glucose levels - another benefit for diabetic patients looking for something safe to eat.
  5. Building the immune system - Paneer may help create an immune system, especially for growing kids. The Vitamin B complex in paneer helps increase children's hemoglobin levels and strengthens their immune systems. Amino acids found in paneer are necessary for physical growth and brain development. Most respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchitis may be avoided by regularly consuming paneer.

Summing Up On Shahi-Paneer 

alcoeats shahi paneer

Shahi Paneer is a traditional Indian dish from Northern India. Traditional shahi paneer ingredients include spices found in Northern India, such as cumin seeds, ginger, garlic, coriander powder, and garam masala. The dish has many variations; some are sweeter and spicier than usual. Usually, this meal accompanies either naan or roti (a type of flatbread), but it can also go with rice for those who don't eat wheat products.

Alcoeats Royal Paneer Mix has many ingredients used separately to make this famous dish. This mixture includes a blend of spices and powders such as tomato and turmeric. Using this mixture, one can create a shahi paneer instant pot at home, which tastes like an Indian restaurant.

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