|September 26, 2022

Easy and Quick Boiled Egg Fry

Here with our favorite recipes for your easy breakfast. Now add this recipe to your menu there easy and quick boiled Egg Fry!

Boiled egg fry with butter/ oil and spices, coated with spicy curry to make a perfect no-carb quick gourmet meal. The boiled egg fry is an instant recipe with no hard work and all we need is a few boiled eggs and some spices.

Eggs Benefits:

  • Raises good cholesterol
  • Contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin - Beneficial for Eyes
  • Omega-3 or Pastured Eggs Lower Triglycerides
  • High in Quality Protein, With Essential Amino Acids
  • Raise HDL (The “Good”) Cholesterol
  • Contain Choline
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
  • Energy production
  • Makes muscles strong
  • Weight loss & maintenance 
    Let's Make Easy and Quick Boiled Egg Fry.

    Easy and Quick Boiled Egg Fry

    It is a very easy recipe. Boiled eggs are sliced and then a paste of spice powders is applied to it. These are then shallow fried in very little oil, and a tasty breakfast is ready.
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    Total Time - 20 Min.

    Course -  Breakfast

    Serving - 02



    • Firstly, Boil 4 eggs. Then crack the eggshell and slice them.
    • Then in a small bowl, add egg curry masala, Kashmiri chili powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, Chat Masala, and salt.
    • Then add some water and make a thick paste of spices.
    • Now apply the spicy paste to the sliced eggs.
    • Then take a non-stick pan and spread the oil and heat it.
    • Now shallow fry the sliced masala-coated boiled eggs by flipping both sides on low flame.
    • Serve hot


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