|September 26, 2022

Easy Child Fish Cakes

You can make these easy fish cakes from any pre-cooked fish - tinned salmon or tuna or smoked mackerel. You could also bake a salmon or haddock fillet in the oven from fresh or frozen. 

Fish fillets can become your Child's favorite meal to eat. This recipe is easy, healthy, and delicious. The potato adds a nice texture and volume. Takes less than 30 mins.

    Let's Make Easy Child Fish Cakes.

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    Easy Child Fish Cakes

    An easy baby and kid-friendly fish recipe your child will eat fish cakes. Quick and delicious with a tasty dip to serve alongside your kid’s fish cakes.

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    Prep Time: 5 minutes

    Cook Time: 30 minutes




    • Firstly, peel, quarter and then boil the potatoes & cook the fish. Then I cheated by using leftover boiled potatoes and sticking two frozen fish fillets in the microwave, but you could quickly grill or poach them in a little milk.
    • Then turn the grill on to a high. While it’s warming up, bring the cooking oil to heat in a pot. When it’s hot, tip the masala powders in, and as they sizzle, toss in the boiled potatoes.
    • Speed is of the essence here or the spices will just burn to cinders. Mash the potatoes in the pot. Once smooth, mix in the fish and the lime juice. I tend to do this with my hands as it’s much easier to get stuck in. Add salt to taste.
    • Now, finally, line a baking tray with foil and grill on high for about eight minutes on each side. When you turn them over, the fish cakes may be a bit soft and threaten to fall apart. But just piece any bits together and crack on.
    • The end result will be golden crisp on the outside, with a squidgy lemony center.
    • Now finally, serve with a smile for the kids and with ketchup spiked with chili powder for the bigger ones.




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