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Tikka means small meat pieces in Punjabi cuisine, and the mixture is called masala. So, a spicy mix coated on meat pieces is called a tikka. Various types of tikkas are available, such as chicken tikka, lamb tikka masala, paneer tikka, chicken tikka masala, etc.

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Chicken tikka is the national food of Britain, so the history of tikkas has a political connection. It is regarded as a disputed dish because of its origin. Its origin history is still considered a mystery because it has no particular account.

Tikkas became so popular that every restaurant started keeping them on its menu. Many people began experimenting with Tikka infusing their ingredients and making it flavorful. Because of this, the flavors are not particular; they can be spicy, tangy, or of any taste.

A tikka masala powder consists of all the flavors to make any tikka dish delicious. Tikkas are highly customizable; adding or removing any ingredient can alter the taste of tikka masala. Many tikka masala powders are available in the stores.

Try incorporating Alcoeats tikka masala, which is healthy, loaded with authentic flavors, and easy to make. Add this masala to any of your tikka recipes of chicken tikka, chicken masala, paneer tikka, and spicy tikka

History of Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala

There is a mysterious history of the origin of tikka masala. Some people believe that this dish originated in Glasgow, Scotland. Many think it has its root in India, where it originated some years ago. 

Many people think this dish is from British history and was created there. In 1970, a chef named Ali Ahmed Aslam of Shish Mahal in Glasgow, which was the place of curries. This man may be the actual invader of chicken tikka masala

One fine day, a customer was complaining about a chicken that went dry. He added tomato and cream sauce to the dry chicken, with a hint of aromatic spices. The customer who was complaining earlier found the tomato-based chicken tikka delicious.

A star dish originated then in Shish Mahal. Then Glasgow was considered a home of chicken tikka masala, and this dish became the national dish of England. 

Authentic Flavor of Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

Tikka masala's authentic flavor includes the richness of tomatoes and cream. The tikka masala curry contains tomatoes, cream, and many spices. These spices added to the curry are responsible for the delicious flavor of spicy Tikka.

It has more spice level and is flavorful. It tastes earthy because of the masalas and the curry base. After the curry, pieces of meat/vegetables are chargrilled and added to the curry for a unique tikka taste.

Tikka masala can be altered in the recipe by adding or excluding any spice according to the preference. To make it healthy, low-fat creams or coconut milk can make curry based on tomatoes and cream.

Chicken Tikka Vs. Butter Chicken

Chicken Tikka Vs. Butter Chicken

Chicken tikka has pieces of tomatoes and cream to make a curry that adds texture to this recipe, while butter chicken is more creamy and has the smooth texture of curry that makes it juicy to have. Most people have this misconception that these dishes are the same.

Butter chicken is truly an Indian dish that has its origin in India. Tikkas are found initially to have originated in Glasgow, Scotland. Chicken tikkas have more dried curry than butter chicken.

Why Alcoeats Tikka Masala?

Why Alcoeats Tikka Masala?

For delightful and truly satisfying Tikka recipes, from chicken tikka masala to lamb tikka masala. Also for vegetarian tikka recipes like paneer tikka masala, Alcoeats tikka masala is perfect. 

Tikkas serve as a delicious and flavorful starter. Adding a spoonful of tikka masala elevates the flavor and makes it mouth-watering. Alcoeats tikka masala is natural and healthy; all the ingredients used are sourced from nature, free from artificial ingredients.

Alcoeats tikka masala has authentic Indian flavors and, when added to any paneer or chicken tikka dish, gives you aromatic and authentic tikka flavor with the right amount of spiciness and tanginess. Also try Chicken masala, Garam masala, etc.

Summing Up

A small piece of meat in Punjabi cuisine is called Tikka. Tikkas can be vegetarian and non-vegetarian, be it chicken, mutton, paneer, etc. These trim pieces are marinated and immersed in a rich tomato-cream curry for a delectable spicy tikka recipe.

There is no definite flavor of tikkas. If you want it spicy, add enough spices and chilies, and if you want to make it less spicy, try adding more cream and fewer chilies. However, if you want your Tikka, adding or deleting any of the spices can be done.

There are distinct stories on the origin of tikkas. It was found that in 1970, a chef in Glasgow, Scotland, accidentally dipped the dried tikkas into the tomato-cream curry, and the customers liked it. This is how a classic tikka recipe originated and became the national dish of England.

While making any tikka recipe, add Alcoeats tikka masala, which is made of natural spices and ingredients and is enough to elevate the spice level of your tikkas.

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